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first post woo hoo

ok... and im gonna put em behind a cut, cause i cant stand people who post more than one picture without a cut. haha.

this is my friend jennas horse.

out of the front window in my friend lauras car.

the sunset off my backporch.

this is sponge bob falling down from my top bunk...i just thought it was funny cause it looks like hes trying to escape.

well thats it and stuff.

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Welcome to the Pair of Jacks family! I hope to see lots of great shots from you, just keep the rules in mind.

I love the spongebob one, it's very funny. I give it an 8.
The horse one is also cute as he (she?) is sticking his (her?) tounge out. It gets a 7.

The dash of your friends car, not so much, but the little dancing hula girl saved it a little. It gets a 5.

The sunset is beautiful. I love sunsets and I'm not ashamed to admit it. It gets an 8 as well.

Keep up the good work!
SUNSETS ARE MY FAVORITE EVER! i took some really good ones today im prolly gonna post em in my

yeah. i will keep the rules in mind did i break any er whatever though?

yay uh..thanks :)