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A community for the photographer in all of us.

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All Members , Moderated
Pair of Jacks is a photo-art rating community, free for anyone to join. You may post your photos on this community, and members will rate your pictures on a scale of one to ten. At the end of a 3 day period, a moderator will give your pictures your final grade. After that, you are free to grade other posts. Also, please don't make pointless posts. Posts without pictures will be deleted.

Rules for a picture post.
1) A picture post can have anywhere from 1 - 50 pictures.
2) If you have more then 2 pictures, or if pictures are exceedingly large, place them behind a LJ-cut.
3) Poems will not be accepted by themselves, as this is a picture community. However, if you feel words would accompany your post in anyway, go ahead and do so.
4) Please, keep the material appropriate and non-grotesque
5) Photos have to be taken by you.

Rules to follow for posting grades:
1) You must have already made a picture post, and have the grading complete.
2) If you feel you must give criticism, please, do it nicely.
3) Grades will not be counted if the above two rules are not met.